Visual Ink

By King Khazm

Manifest my situations from my imagination
visual ink plots from pain and preservation
from plight to grace, my space expands time
and grind from darkened clouds through rhymes I shine.
This difference was a hindrance but through due diligence
I persevered, my fears and hatred
lifted, now halfway out the matrix
I find in my mind the fitted S beyond design.
My temple be the crown, wheelchair be the throne
I project and elevate, deep within the dome.
Astral-planing across everything known
missing pieces from my history is mystery from eons ago
before relocation and world war, before
feudal law my ancients united more
Kofun-era tombs for the leaders in tune
with new teachings Confucius, Tao and Buddhist
philosophical views with spirituality conducive
through meditations
I can see the future
unanswered confusion turn conclusive
with each strike that I write
sound becomes louder
the heaven sky fills with meteor showers
Kabuki scenes reveal lifetimes in hours
something releases from the inner to the outer
my physical is minuscule and now I’m in power.


Portrait of King Khazm
Photo by Ian Phares

King Khazm is a multifaceted artist and community organizer who has become a prominent figure in the hip-hop community within Seattle and around the world. He serves as executive director of 206 Zulu, steward of the historic Washington Hall, and is a member of the Seattle Disability Commission. Also read his piece “The Central” in this issue.