Liminal Space: Sneak Peek


We are getting increasingly more excited over the publication of 37.2 Liminal Space this fall.

Our writers have been busy exploring the concept of liminal space from a range of different backgrounds including: urban restoration, homelessness, and designing for rural spaces in this particular technological era. We have photo essays, illustrations, and a Q&A with Tiffany Jow from GRAY Magazine, and of course, some musings on the viaduct. We have a four-part series on a new building that will undoubtedly cause the wider museum profession to rethink the way it works.

In Exploring Liminality From and Anthropological Perspective, Rina Arya says,

“The terms ‘liminal’ and ‘liminality’ are derived from the Latin ‘limen,’ which means threshold and refers to the bottom part of a doorway, which must be crossed when entering a room. Ritual passages can be described by the following spatial metaphors: crossings, thresholds, boundaries, and crossroads.”

For the next few weeks, we will be busy editing and designing, editing again and redesigning. During that time, pay attention to way you move across space with the acuity of a dancer. Stand in an empty parking lot; notice a waiting room; explore stepping through a door. Take a photo that you think best represents liminal space and post it to IG. Tag @arcade_nw and use #liminalspacechallenge to enter into a photo contest. Winners will be announced at the 37.2 launch party and awards will be given to the top three photos.

We look forward to sharing these conversations with you at our launch party in early November. More details to follow.