37.2 Letter From Our Board

The notion of liminal space—being at or near a seam, point of passage or transition– is especially relevant in our design community today: 

  1. Seattle is–and continues to be–in a liminal space of urban growth and infrastructural change.  Any local who has walked the waterfront this summer has experienced our newly created liminal space.
  2. Our various design practices continue to evolve as new technology, tools and delivery methods take root in our fields—bringing forth new ways of conceptualizing and executing our respective work.
  3. Access to education, housing and economic stability is tenuous for many.  As designers, we play an important role in taking on these challenges and having our work informed by them.

For ARCADE, 2019 has similarly been liminal. We’ve embraced the changing of the guard, developed new outreach and engagement opportunities and increased the diversity of our dialogues.  This process of re-examination, intellectual and social expansion has been invigorating to witness and take part in. While retaining the thoughtful discussion that has been the hallmark of our organization for nearly forty years, we are looking forward to finding more ways to enrich the Dialogue on Design through digital, print and in-person connections.  

37.2 was created in the spirit of experiencing between here and there.

Ruth Baleiko, for the Board