A Letter From our 37.2 Feature editors

What is and what could be

By Julia Atkins and Katherine Misel

Dear Reader,

Design has existed in one form or another since the beginning of time and has become an essential part of our urban fabric. Today, in our ever-changing environment, design pushes us forward between what is and what could be. Quite literally, the design process is the embodiment of liminal space.  

As two fresh-faced twentysomethings, the concept of existing in the in between is very apparent to us. Just as we are stepping out on our own, the state of our world is at a crossroads and very unsure of its future. As two young professionals entering the small niche that is the design community, this undefined nature becomes exponentially more prominent.

Young people, as a demographic, bring a new perspective and come well versed in the most current tools and technologies. However, we are not impervious to the fact that there is value in historical precedence. As we navigate the world, our lives become a delicate balance between applying that newly cultivated knowledge and absorbing and employing insight from well-established traditions.

As passionate lifelong learners and members of the design realm, this unique, liminal perspective is a place full of innovative potential. Walking the line between generations, we have the ability to bridge the gap and propel forward world-changing ideas. We, as young designers and creators, are in the position to be an invaluable and revered part of a community that is so highly regarded. In the midst of the chaotic unknown, being young is an exciting privilege.

A kismet microcosm of ourselves and our world, ARCADE is also at a turning point. Given this opportunity, we offer reflection and rediscovery of the future growth of the publication. In this issue, you will find a collection of stories that demonstrates the pinnacle of ARCADE’s insightful dialogue around what was and what will be, thoughtfully considering our path forward.

The feeling of unfamiliarity is uncomfortable, but in reality, it’s something we live with every day. We do not have the power to know what will happen in the next minute, within the next hour, tomorrow, or next year. The only thing we can do is choose to respect our past, live in the present and work toward creating our future.


Julia Atkins and Katherine Misel