We are trained at a young age to separate art from the core subjects of our studies. Students are unknowingly squeezed through a series of tightly fitted molds on their way from elementary school into adulthood, fully accepting an assumed fact that we spend less time teaching art because it is frivolous in the shadows of science and math. The truth of the matter is that these basic topics of art and science are more closely related than not, and the overlap is more relevant now than ever. The STEM subjects {Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) are no longer adequate to describe the needs of our society. Our contemporary world craves empathy and understanding in the face of an intensified onset of techno logical advances and a decline in direct interpersonal communication. Art and design can offer just that. The equation is simple:

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Pierluigi Serraino, Sallyann Corn and Joseph Kent, Hans-Erik Blomgren, Peter Lewis, Ron van der Veen, Sarah Pease, John Maeda, Babette Allina, Samantha Dempsey, Lizzie Kripke and Roger Hanlon, Jie Qi and Carly Ayres, Ryan Mather, Paul Sproll, Ainissa Ramirez, Neal Overstrom, Matt Goldman, Jon Perere, Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, Jared Della Valle and Build llc, Michael Luis, Allison Kudla


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